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BEMF in partnership with, ABEA, PUBLEnEf and SREDNOGORIE Industrial Cluster
Organize Seventh Regional Energy Conference

Bulgaria before the EU Presidency’2018: New energy and industrial policies
14-15 November 2017 Inter Expo Centre, Vitosha Hall, Sofia, Bulgaria
Under the patronage of
Mrs. Temenuzhka Petkova, Minister of Energy of the Republic of Bulgaria

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Next year Bulgaria will take over the Presidency of EU. As we all witness dynamic changes in the energy development of the region and also throughout all Member States of the European Union and the world, the Conference will give the opportunity to a plethora of stakeholders to discuss energy related issues with impact on both the region and EU.

The event will also aim at assisting the Bulgarian government to elaborate the priorities it will bring forward during the presidency, at raising the awareness of the challenges we all face in the shore and medium term and bringing together various parties to share views on the proposed topics.

The attenders:

We expect to have leading prominent speakers from across European Institutions, state administrations responsible for energy development planning, entrepreneurs, national regulators, power producers and energy traders, technology supply companies, consultants, NGOs and other think-tank organizations to give presentations and discuss on the issues of energy planning, energy storage, market coupling, liberalization and regionalization, energy efficiency, renewables, ETS, energy innovations, climate change, challenges to conventional power generation (nuclear and coal), etc.

We would be more than glad to welcome all of you in Sofia!

Ivan Hinovski

Programme Director

The working languages of the Conference are Bulgarian and English, with simultaneous translation.


Panel 1


Panel 2


Panel 3


Panel 4

Diversification of energy sources and routes

Panel 5

Increasing role of energy efficiency

Оrganizing Committee:

  • Ivan Hinovski, Chairman
  • Anton Ivanov
  • Nikolay Minkov
  • Hristo Kazandzhiev
  • Stephania Ilkova


Oliver Marquette (photo)

Olivier Marquette


Tanya Hristova

Tanya Hristova,

Mayor of Gabrovo


Yoana Hristova

Deputy mayor, Sofia municipality

Nikolay Minkov (photo)

Nikolay Minkov

Srednogorie Industrial cluster

Zhecho Stankov (photo)

Zhecho Stankov

Deputy Minister of Energy


Prof. Bulat Nigmatulin

Institute of Energy Development, Russia

Yavor Vasilev (photo)

Yavor Vassilev

CO2 Cards

Boyan Rashev


Vadim Titov (photo)

Vadim Titov


Klaus-Diter Borchardt (photo)

Klaus-Dieter Borchardt

DG Energy

Konstantin Konstantinov (photo)

Konstantin Konstantinov


Ivan Ivanov (photo)

Ivan Ivanov

Chairman of Energy Regulatory Commission


Maarten de Groote


Milena Agopyan (photo)

Milena Agopian

Association of Bulgarian Energy Agencies

Ina Karova (photo)

Ina Karova

Energy Agency – Plovdiv

Xavier Faugeras


Boyan Rashev


Teodora Georgieva


Valentin Georgiev

Valentin Georgiev

GeoMarine Center Ltd.

Prof Alexander Tassev

prof. Aleksander Tsssev


Ellen Wasylina


Julian Popov

European Climate Foundation

Slavtcho Neykov

 Radoš Horacek

European Climate Foundation

Violeta Hristova (photo)

Violeta Hristova



Ruska Boyadjieva

Deputy mayor, Burgas municipality,


Christo Kazandjiev



Slavcho Neykov (photo)

Slavcho Neykov,

Energy Management Institute

Peter Poptchev

Amb. Peter Poptchev

Konstantin Delisivkov (photo)

Konstantin Delisivkov


Doncho Barbalov (photo)

Doncho Barbalov

Deputy Mayor of Sofia

Nikolay Stoynev (photo)

Nikolay Stoynev

Sofia City Council

Ilian Vassilev

Illian Vassilev

Innovative Energy Solutions

Krasen Stanchev

Krassen Stanchev


Ivaylo Alexiev

Ivaylo Alexiev


Atanas Tasev

Prof. Atanas Tassev


Agenda & Registration forms

Bulgaria before the EU Presidency’2018: New energy and industrial policies

Seventh Regional Conference

Bulgaria before the EU Presidency’2018:

New energy and industrial policies

14-15 November 2017

Inter Expo Center, Vitosha Hall, Sofia, Bulgaria


DAY ONE: tuesday, 14 november 2017
updated 10.11.2017

12:30 – 13:00

Registration & coffee

13:00 – 13:15

Opening and welcome notes from the Organizers

Ivan Hinovski, Programme director, Bulgarian Energy and Mining Forum
Nikolay Minkov Srednogorie Industrial Cluster
Political message to the Conference
H.E. Ms. Temenuzhka Petkova,
,Minister of Energy, Republic of Bulgaria and patron of the Conference

Delyan Dobrev, Chair of the Energy Committee, 44th National Assembly

13:15 – 14:30


Regional coupling and liberalization

The EC Concept for European Energy Union and its projection in South East Europe as CESEC places many questions and actions to be undertaken. Recent EU and ENTSO-E recommendations and plans for coupling and market liberalization will be discussed as well as the future of new investment strategy for new interconnections in the region to increase the interconnection capabilities.

Moderators: Energy Management Institute, Amb. Peter Poptchev Professional Energy Union Circle
Keynote speaker: Zhecho Stankov, Deputy Minister of Energy, Priorities for the Bulgarian presidency of EU in the field of energy


Ivan Ivanov Chairman of Energy Regulatory Commission – The 4th Energy package – expectations (challenges vs opportunities)
Klaus-Dieter Borchardt, Protection of vulnerable consumers in a liberalized market
Nikolay Minkov Executive Director, Srednogorie Industrial cluster, The European energy policy and the industrial competitiveness of Bulgaria.
Konstantin Konstantinov, Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange IBEX’s involvement in market coupling between the countries in SEE region and its integration to the rest of Europe.


14:45 – 16:45


Role of the nuclear, conventional and renewable generation, future of energy storage

The energy development planning methodology and principles will be topic of the discussions with accents on the results from recent plan for needed investments in new and replacement generation capacities. The low carbon economy will be considered as a part of energy development plans accounting for international agreements and recent European recommendations. The role of local power generation and energy storage will be topic of discussions, as well.


Konstantin Delisivkov, Bulgarian Federation of Industrial energy Consumers (BFIEC), Krassen Stanchev, IME

Keynote speaker:

Olivier Marquette, AES, The role of lignitie-fired TPPs for energy security in Bulgaria


Vadim Titov, Nuclear Energy for Sustainable Future

Julian Popov, Fellow, European Climate Foundation, Role of the nuclear, conventional and renewable generation, future of energy storage



Xavier Faugeras, General Manager, Total E&P Bulgaria B.V., The vision of a European international energy company in a changing energy world – challenges and opportunities

Prof. Alexander Tassev, Economic Research Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Study results, scenarios for development of the Bulgarian energy sector

Prof. Bulat Nigmatulin, Institute of Energy Development, Russia, Bulgarian economy and energy development outlook for the medium term up to 2030

Boyan Rashev, Denkstatt Net effects of the requirements on TPPs pollutant emissions: How can a clean air law contribute to more pollution?



16:45 – 17:00

Coffee break

17:00 – 18:15


IT in the energy sector

New urban concepts and real achievements in intelligent cities and smart grids creation will be presented, in parallel with an assessment of expected future contribution of renewable electrical and heat energy generation and energy storage technologies. Real achievements in this area are expected to be presented


Doncho Barbalov, Deputy Mayor of Sofia, Nikolay Stoynev, Sofia City Council, Head of Economic Committee

Keynote speaker:

Yoana Hristova, Deputy mayor, Sofia municipality, Sofia Municipality programme by 2020 for the air quality in the city. Goals and measures.


Maarten de Groote, BPIE, The dynamic role of buildings in the energy system

Ruska Boyadjieva, Deputy mayor, Burgas municipality, Successful policies on sustainable development and clean air in Burgas municipality

Marineta Nikolova, Head of Environmental policies and programs department, Burgas municipality, Successful policies on sustainable development and clean air in Burgas municipality

Tanya Hristova, Mayor of Gabrovo municipality, Programme for sustainable development of Gabrovo municipality

Milena Agopian, Association of Bulgarian Energy Agencies, Modeling of scenarios – roadmaps of energy policy for better air quality in the Bulgarian cities

Ina Karova, Energy Agency – Plovdiv, Web-based platforms for intelligent urban energy management – good practices in Bulgaria

18:15 – 18:30

Concluding discussion and summary of Day One results

18:30 – 21:00

Cocktail for the participants (Inter Expo Center lobby)


9:00 – 11:00

Panel 4 Diversification of energy sources and routes

Role of domestic production, new sources and production technologies

The panel will discuss the progress on the announced projects for sources and routes diversification and the domestic production activities.


Illian Vassilev, Innovative Energy Solutions

Keynote speaker:

Christo Kazandjiev, BEMF, Vision of BEMF on the options for effective diversification of the natural gas supplies in Bulgaria and the region

Teodora Georgieva, ICGB, Progress on the activities on ICGBt
Valentin Georgiev, GeoMarine Center Ltd., Marine gas hydrates – an Indigenous Resource of Natural Gas for Europe (MIGRATE PROJECT)



Coffee break

11:30 – 12:30

Panel 5 Increasing role of energy efficiency.

Climate change, future of ETS, innovations in energy and industry

The role of energy efficiency as a main stream of European energy policy will be in the centre of the discussions in this panel. Local and foreign good practices are expected to be presented with accent to energy savings and reduction of dust and other emissions into the environment. The recently announced changes in the intentions for revision of internationally adopted documents on the climate change require revisiting the European energy policies. The Bulgarian presidency of EC in 2018 will aim at creating grounds for discussion and adoption of an action plan to tackle the new challenges the European policy will face. Also discussed will be the ETS and the energy innovationsoderators:

Moderators: Ivaylo Alexiev, Executive Director, Sustainable Energy Development Agency , Prof. Atanas Tassev, BEMF

Keynote speaker:

Ellen Wasylina, IGMO, IGMO, Green Economy Policy strategies and implementation: innovation, efficiencies, jobs


Radoš Horacek, Head of Unit Energy EfficiencyDG Energy, The 4th Energy Package – energy efficiency and renewable energy as priorities
Violeta Hristova, EMICERT, Recent developments in ETS and expected impact on power producers
Yavor Vassilev, CO2 Cards, Voluntary emissions markets, carbon offsetting and corporate social responsibility


Concluding panel and adoption of Memorandum of the 7th Regional Energy Conference

All representatives of participating parties and institutions and the corporate sector will be given an opportunity to share ideas and make proposals to the document. The Organizers/the Program Director will draft a written compilation of these conclusions and will send it to all participants for information.


Official closure of the Conference

Download the Agenda and Registration form

Seventh Regional Energy Conference

Download the English version of the agenda

Registration form in English

Registration form in English in .DOC format

Seventh Regional Energy Conference

Download the Bulgarian version of the agenda

Registration form in Bulgarian

Registration form in Bulgarian in .DOC format


Be a part of: Bulgaria before the EU Presidency’2018:New energy and industrial policies

The participation fee is 480 BGN (240 Euro) with VAT per person to be paid by 10 November 2017, which covers all organizational expenses, coffee breaks, the reception and copy of conference proceedings.

There is 20% discount of the participation fee for early registration until 05 October 2017.

Corporate members of BEMF have a 50% discount of the participation fee.
Representatives of diplomatic bodies, state administration and academic institutions are exempt of payment fee.

The fee should be paid through bank transfer with the mark “Bulgaria before the EU Presidency’2018:
New energy policies” to the following bank account of the organizer:

Bulgarian Energy &Mining Forum:
UniCredit Bulbank, Branch Sveta Nedelia,
BIC: UNCRBGSF, IBAN: BG71UNCR96601075968604

The invoices could be provided by courier on the address or to be handed over on place during the event

All questions about the participation could be forwarded to the next e-mails: office@bulenergo.com, bulenergo@gmail.com on both English or Bulgarian languages

Registration Form

Download Registration form in .DOC format in English

Registration Form

Download Registration form in .DOC format in Bulgarian



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Mobile +359 888 522 776

Event Address: Sofia Inter Expo Center, Bulgaria